• Representation before courts of all levels.
  • Drafting of litigation documentation: applications, statements of claim, appeals, petitions, peaceful settlement agreements, and other.
  • Consultations in all areas of law.
  • Drafting documentation for companies and natural persons, i.e. agreements, offers, protocols of intentions, applications, corporate documentation, petitions, claims, etc.
  • Rendering of legal opinions and assessment of possibilities of settlement of disputes and disagreements, entering into contracts, and other transactions.
  • Representation at institutions of criminal investigation, courts of arbitration, state and other official institutions, associations, and other organizations.
  • We offer assistance to clients in preparation of documents and examination of legal claims initiated in relation to division of land and establishment of utilisation procedure; restoration of the rights of ownership; establishment of easements with respect of the plot of land; determination of disputed borders of the plot of land; we draft documents by analysing claims (applications) lodged with the National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture, municipalities and other state and municipal authorities.
  • Representation of companies and natural persons in negotiation procedures.
  • Intermediation in settlement of all kinds of disputes and drafting of amicable settlement agreements.
  • Legal Due Dilligence.


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Tel. + 370 5 233 0071, fax + 370 5 235 4199